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Appointment Times

Please show up at your scheduled time. We have a specific amount of time and space so we schedule accordingly, it is an essential part of how our business operates because timing is very important.  We need to be able to plan our day and ensure that everyone gets finished in a timely manner. 

 We always call every appointment the day before with an appointment reminder (please confirm that we have the correct number on file). If you are going to miss your appointment for any reason, please contact us ASAP. We require at least a 24 hour notice for all cancellations or reschedules to allow us time to fill the space with a customer from our waiting list.

We will hold grooming appointments for 15 minutes past the scheduled drop off time. Appointments later than 15 minutes may be released based on demand. No shows and appointments cancelled with less than a 24 hour notice will incur a $25 fee payable when scheduling your next appointment..

What’s the process?

A dog grooming appointment is different than an appointment at your hair salon in that we don’t bathe, dry, brush and groom each dog from start to finish. We have all the dogs arrive first thing in the morning at scheduled times, then all the dogs are bathed, then dried, then “finished” (haircut, furminated, nails trimmed, teeth brushed, etc.). So while one dog is being bathed, one is being dried and one is being finished. This process allows us to keep our prices down for you. Remember dogs have about 4 or 5 times the amount of hair that a human has.

How long does it take?

We do our best to get all dogs finished in a timely manner and dogs are more or less finished in the order that they arrive (i.e. dogs dropped off at 8 will be finished before dogs dropped off at 9 or later). The time it takes to complete the scheduled dogs is dependant on a variety of things: how many dogs are booked on that day, what types of dogs are booked, what condition those dogs are in when they arrive, their behavior, etc. We can give you an estimated time when your dog is going to be finished, however, please wait for us to call you to let you know that your dog is finished before showing up. We try our best to keep on a tight schedule but sometimes dogs can be unpredictable and one dog that needs extra attention can set everyone back.

Express Groom

If you have a time that you need your dog finished by, please let us know when you are making your appointment and we will schedule you for a day that will be possible. We offer an “express groom” for an additional $15 per dog. This means that your dog is done “straight through” and depending on your dog, this can take anywhere between 45 minutes-3 hours per dog. This service has to be scheduled at the time you make your appointment, and only 1-2 per day are scheduled, so you may have to wait for availability.


The groomer will give you an estimated price at drop-off. However, this price may change once your pup has begun the process due to things like matting, behavior, etc. The best way to understand grooming prices is to think of them as “based on time”. We quote prices based on our knowledge of about how long it takes to groom each breed. If your dog has “exceptions” we may charge a bit more or a bit less.


We do our BEST to give you the groom that you request. However, there are times that it’s not possible. Things like matting, behavior, etc, sometimes limit what we are able to accomplish based on safety and health of your dog. Please click HERE for an article on matting and why it’s not always possible to “brush it out” or leave the hair longer. We will always discuss this with you before we do something different than what you requested.

Things you can do:

Bathroom Break before you drop off

Please make sure to let your pup “do their business” (i.e. go to the bathroom) before bringing them for their grooming appointment. As most dogs are accustomed to “holding it” for 6-8 hours (overnight, while you’re at work, out running errands, etc) we generally do not take dogs out for potty breaks as a matter of safety. If you spend time with your dog during the day, you know they spend most of the day sleeping, and that’s usually the case while they are with us. Of course, if your dog has special needs we will accommodate them as requested. Very young or very old dogs are usually the ones with the most issues, so if you know this about your dog please schedule your appointment on a day that you will be available to pick up as soon as we call you.

Quick Walk

If you have a very “high energy” pup, a long walk before you come in makes the process better for everyone, but most importantly your dog. Actually, every dog will benefit from doing this.

Medical Issues

If your dog has had ANY medical issues in the past, please let us know. Knowledge of things like arthritis, ACL repairs, seizures, skin issues, moles, etc, help us take the best care of your pup and keep an eye out for any symptoms. Of course, we will alert you if we find anything you need to keep an eye out for such as ear infections, suspicious bumps/growths, etc. However, we are NOT vets, so we will just let you know that it’s something you need to keep an eye on or talk to your vet about.


If your dog has any behavioral issues, please let us know about these as well (doesn’t like other dogs, doesn’t like their feet touched, etc.) Do NOT be embarrassed. We all have our “issues”!  We do not let the dogs interact with each other, again for safety reasons.

Rabies Vaccine

We HAVE to have your current rabies vaccination records on file. Unfortunately, we can't take just a rabies tag - we need the actual expiration date.  We are happy to call & verify the expiration date with your vet, or you can bring in your paperwork.  If we have made arrangements with you to bring them in, please don’t forget them.  We'd hate to have to reschedule your appointment, but we will for the safety of our groomers, our shop people, & the other dogs.  Have you ever had to go through rabies treatment?  It's a lot of shots.  Like, A LOT of shots.

Hair Style

If you have a specific haircut that you’ve really liked in the past, please bring in pictures. Unfortunately, the “language” of dog grooming is not the same as with your hairdresser and we do our best to decipher what you’d like. But again, WE LOVE PICTURES so bring them if you have them. Keep in mind, just as my hairdresser can’t make me look like Jennifer Anisten, not all haircuts are possible on all dogs: it depends on their coat, if they are matted, etc.


Please make sure that we have at least TWO phone numbers on file for you. A direct number for you and a back up number in case of emergency. This number can be anyone that knows you and your dog and knows how to reach you. Cell phones aren’t fail-proof, unfortunately!

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