A full service bath includes: bath, blow dry, brush, nail trim, ear cleaning and gland expression. If deemed possible by the groomer, we will brush out mats for an additional charge.


Grooming includes: Everything that a bath includes, plus: haircut/style.


This is a process that helps reduce shedding. Special products and tools are used to help loosen and remove extra fur from but is NOT a haircut. This process includes everything that the bath includes.


Because each dog, and it's coat, is so different, we do not post our prices here. Grooming is a time-based service so prices are dependent on your dog's size, coat, condition and behavior.

You can call to get a quote and we can give you a starting price based on breed (or closest breed for our mixed customers). These prices are assuming that your dog is: healthy, regularly brushed/bathed, and is agreeable to the grooming process--but again, these prices are only QUOTES.

Once the groomer meets your dog, they can give you a more exact price. For example, elderly dogs and puppies generally take much longer to groom so that we may take the time it requires to ensure they are comfortable throughout the process.

A La Carte Services

These services can be added on to any full-service appointment:

Nail file (in addition to the nail trim)- $6

Teeth Brushing- $8

Specialty Shampoo- $5 (oatmeal, flea & tick, whitening, owner's own)

Blueberry Facial- $5 (exfoliates, soothes, and hydrates. Contains vanilla and blueberry to remove stains around the mouth and tear stains without stinging eyes.)

Deep Conditioner- Small $10, Medium $15, Large $22, XLarge $25 (adds shine and gloss to pets' coats. Deep exfoliating and conditioning. Essential for dry, damaged hair. Moisturizes the skin to help prevent and releieve dryness and itching.)



*** We MUST have proof of current rabies on file to groom your dog.  Although we don't have a fax machine, we will be happy to call your vet and verify the information over the phone.  Please provide name and/or phone number of your vet when making an appointment.

As of September 7, 2015 we must have a signed grooming release form for all customers, old and new. Don't worry--you only have to sign it once and it is good for all dogs you currently have and any you may get in the future!

Once you've signed the release form, you can make a grooming request by clicking on the button below!

If you will have someone other than yourself dropping off your dog for their appointment OR if your dog will be boarding with us, please fill out this form. If you will be dropping off your dog yourself for grooming only, you do not need to fill it out as you will speak to your groomer directly.