returning customers

We heard you loud & clear (and couldn't agree more!): You didn't want to have to fill out all the information every single time your dog needs a good scrubbing. Here is a shortened version of the request form for our returning customers! (p.s. remember, if you are coming in on a regular basis, you can sign up for our MVP program and pick a standing appointment so that you never have to fill one of these out DISCOUNTS!)

If this will be your first time visiting us, please continue below:

To better ensure that you get your first choice of dates, please request at least 2 days out—however, during SUPER busy times (near holidays, March thru August), you'll be safer with at least 5 days to a week in advance. For same day appointments, you'll need to call desired shop and see if there are any available appointments.

For more information on what you can expect on your visit and some tips to make it as smooth as possible for you and your dog, click here:

As of September 7, 2015 we must have a signed grooming release form for all customers, old and new. Don't worry--you only have to sign it once and it is good for all dogs you currently have and any you may get in the future!

grooming request for new customers

Owner's name *
Owner's name
Phone *
Second phone number, to be used for emergencies only *
Second phone number, to be used for emergencies only
(bath, nails ears and glands always included)
(bath, nails, ears and glands always included)
Specialty shampoo needed?
Additional $5
Additional Services
First Date requested *
First Date requested
Second choice of date *
Second choice of date
We will do our best to accommodate your first choice. However, during busy seasons, we may need to suggest an alternative date.

We MUST have proof of current rabies on file to groom your dog.  Although we don't have a fax machine, we will be happy to call your vet and verify the information over the phone.  Please provide name and/or phone number of your vet when making an appointment.