returning customers

We're SO excited to see you and your dog again!

We heard you loud & clear (and couldn't agree more!): You didn't want to have to fill out all the information every single time your dog needs a good scrubbing.  We're only sorry it took us so long to get to it. Here's a shortened version of the request form for our returning customers!

Having someone else drop off your dog? You can fill out this handy "Grooming Instructions" form so that your *friend* doesn't decide that your dog would look great with a purple mohawk (but they are probably right)!

(p.s. remember, if you are coming in on a regular basis, you can sign up for our MVP program and pick a standing appointment so that you never have to fill one of these out DISCOUNTS!)

If you've never had a dog groomed at Dirty Dog, you'll need to start here: