self-serve clipper rental

Hey everyone! Well, it's that time of year--it's getting hot outside and everyone wants to help their pups be a bit more comfortable. Clipper rental is something that is very popular, as we provide the same equipment that our professional groomers use, however, it is also the thing that causes the most aggravation for everyone involved. Here are a couple of tips/guidelines/rules for clipper rental that will hopefully help matters out:

1) The process of clipper rental is this:

               a) all dogs MUST be bathed in our shops first

               b) the dogs must be COMPLETELY dried and

               c) the clippers may be rented

2) The reason for the necessity of bathing in our shops: one stripe down a dirty dog can dull a blade. Blades are not cheap, and sharpening is only successful about 1/2 the time. If we allowed people to wash their dogs at home, everyone would tell us they had "just given their dogs a bath".  For this reason, this is not something we can make exceptions on. You are welcome to go buy your own blades at one of the big retailers and use them on our clippers, then you don't have to wash your dog at all. 

3) The dogs must be completely dry for the clippers to work. If the dog is even damp, the blades won't go through the hair. If you don't have time to dry them completely, we offer a "clipper pass" which allows you to wash your dog on one day, and come back within 3 days to use the clippers.

4) We only offer two blade sizes: #10 and #7 and they leave the hair on the dog 1/16 of an inch and 1/8 of an inch, respectively. If you want to leave the hair on your dog longer, we suggest that you have a groomer take care of it for you. Here is Miss Willa before and after her groom. Doesn't she look sharp? The blade used on the body was a #7.


You have to trust us when we say, taking just a "bit off the length" is NOT the same on dogs as it is on people. It is one of the hardest and most time consuming things that groomers have to do.                                                

5) This is not a fast process--depending on the size and breed of your dog, it can take up to 4 hours to complete. As with all of our self-serve services that we offer, it is based on a first come, first serve basis. Know that you may have to wait, especially if you come on the weekend.

6) We spend a lot of time/money on the equipment, and always try to have back-ups available. However, "Murphy" likes to step in, and sometimes our back-ups break down, too. Unfortunately, as the equipment is pretty specialized, it is always a challenge to find people who can repair it properly.

7) Because of the length of time that it takes to complete the process, we've had to create cut-off times.  Please know that you may have to come back to finish up if you come in later in the day.  They are as follows:

Time requirements - You must be in the shop to start your bath by 4pm, or with a clipper pass by 5pm

We really hope that this helps everyone understand the process better. A couple of years ago, we decided that we were going to discontinue offering the service because it was just too big of a hassle for us. However, we know this is a very useful, affordable service and that many people would be very disappointed if were no longer offered it. If you have any other questions, please feel free to email us, or call one of the shops.