Advice for Road Trips With Your Dog

Including your dog on your next road adventure can be an exciting time, but it is best to be prepared and plan ahead.  There are several ways to elevate the stress on your furry friends:

·        If planning on going on a long vacation, try going on a short trip and analyze what may be missing to make the experience enjoyable.

·        Visit the veterinarian for a check-up and make sure vaccines are up to date. Travel with updated records.

·    Avoid car sickness by having your dog travel on an empty stomach.  Your pet will need a good supply of their regular food and plenty of water. Bring any medication if needed.

·        Assure your dog gets plenty of exercise before starting the trip.

·        Pack your loveable pups favorite blanket or toy as extra reassurance.

·        Plan to take plenty of breaks during the trip and walk your dog during these times.