and we're off....

I thought I’d come up with some clever new title to this post, but thought it kind of describes what this post is…my first baby steps into the world of blogging and a very short intro of what I think I’ll do here. 

So, quickly, I’m a chick “of a certain age” (girl, lady, woman…whatever) that lives in Austin, Texas that owns some grooming and self-serve dogwashes:  I personally own five dogs (I’ll intro them later), so the title of the whole thing describes what I feel like my life is like.  I wake up with dogs, then I go to work with dogs, I talk about dogs all day…dogs, dogs, dogs. 

Because of that, I’m not sure how much I’ll technically write about dogs, but because of the way my life is set up, dogs will probably be involved in most of my stories.

Of course, if I learn something new about dogs, or new products or whatever, I’ll share them with you.  Otherwise, I’ll probably talk about owning a business, being *my age* and single and whatever else is going on.  Truly can’t imagine why anyone would care, but here goes!