Best Christmas present ever: a lovely email from a customer-

“I want to bring to your attention just how extraordinary Calais Early is. This past June when I brought my dog Missy in for her monthly grooming she seemed normal to me. When I went in to pick her up Calais was concerned because Missy’s breasts were swollen and lactating. Keep in mind that Missy is at least 12 years old. I took Missy to the vet and after several tests and then an ultrasound it was discovered that she had a severe infection in her uterus. Her uterus was almost completely full of pus and the vet told me that she would have to operate immediately or Missy would die when the uterus ruptured. If it were not for Calais I probably would not have noticed the problem until it was too late. It should be noted that Missy belonged to my best friend Lucy. After her death Missy came to me and is the most important thing I have left to keep Lucy’s spirit alive. Calais is a true hero in my eyes because she goes above and beyond just doing her job. Calais, like all of the staff at Dirty Dog, is always cheerful and Missy truly enjoys coming to visit. I just thought the management of Dirty Dog should know what an excellent asset Calais is.

Harry Childs”

Also, for the record, each of our groomers have alerted owners to potential life-threatening issues. They love what they do and we love them!