Meet the Mutts, part 4 (AND FINAL)

Since these guys were heavily featured yesterday, I figured I should introduce them to you…so:

Finley is most definitely my brother’s dog.  A few years ago, my brother was bemoaning still living in Dallas so I talked him into bringing himself, his son and his dog to Austin.  We’re still all living together 3 years later, so you know, best laid plans and all.  In any case, back to Finley.  My brother, Mac, got Finley from a shelter in Dallas when he was a puppy (that picture is from the first week they brought him home–he’s 6 now) When Finley moved here, he was by far, the best behaved dog in the bunch.  My brother had actually taken the time to train him, but really they were just very bonded so Finley watched my brother and seemed to guess his next move.  He still is a very good dog and very sweet.  He has, however, picked up a few bad habits from my pups.  Whoops.  It’s amazing that he doesn’t have a HUGE ego as my brother tells him everyday, “You’re the best lookin’ dog in the WORLD!” and means it.

Which brings us to Luke.  So, if you’ve ever talked to me on the subject, you would know I’m a big believer in having two dogs.  Notice I said “two”, NOT five.  In any case, my business partner Alesha has one dog, Nigel, and he’s seriously one of the best dogs I know–he’ll sleep until noon if there’s nothing going on, but he LOVES to go bike riding, searching out squirrels and ignoring all other people, kids and dogs…so he’s no bother to anyone.  However, she would bring him over to play with my dogs and I kept bugging her to get him a sister/brother.  One of the girls that works for us (HEY TARA!) was helping out a rescue group by fostering and training pups that were looking for homes.  As part of the socialization process, she would bring these pups to the shop so that they could meet people and dogs.  Well, she brought Luke in one day and as you can see, he’s very, very cute….looking.  Alesha fell in love and decided to give it a shot.

Very long (about two months worth) story short, it didn’t work out.  Since I was the one that kept forcing the issue, I felt responsible, so I said, “What’s one more dog at this point?  Bring him over."  I figured he, like all dogs before him, would learn from his elders and would fit right in.  What I didn't take into consideration is that he is part Boxer.  What I have since learned is that the first two years of a Boxer’s life can be rough–on the humans.  They have a TON of energy, can be stubborn and in Luke’s case, he decided he should be Alpha upon arrival.  My other dogs were/are very mellow…sleeping  most of the time and a few times a day going outside to run around, bark at squirrels, etc.  Luke has changed all that.  He rarely sits down, is IMPOSSIBLE to wear out and in fact, I recently purchased a treadmill to try to do just that.  (Once he has it down better, I’ll post a video of it–he’s not ready for his "big break” just yet.)  He constantly is bugging the other dogs by nipping at their ears, tails or whatever he can reach, basically saying, “COME ON!  COME ON!  PLAY WITH ME!!!!"  They don’t think it’s amusing in the least bit.  However, when he’s not being a COMPLETE freak, he’s very, very sweet and loves to cuddle….which is pretty lucky for him :)