PLEASE HELP SAVE ROSIE & RUDY!! Brother and Sister Team, Rosie and Rudy need a good home. These are adorable, smart, and well mannered lap dogs that will provide years of loyalty. Both are 2 years old and neutered and spayed. They are healthy and microchipped. Their owner reached me needing help and peace of mind. She is now homeless and will be entering the hospital for health reasons and needs to know that her kids that she cares deeply about will be taken care of in a loving home. Rosie and Rudy were brought to Town Lake Animal Center today, but the owner arranged to keep the dogs through the weekend. Please Help! Many dogs and cats that are surrendered are euthanized due to lack of kennel space. Rosie and Rudy are kennel trained, potty trained, and very good dogs with kids, seniors, and other dogs. They are sometimes Timid and do give the alarm bark if someone is at the door, but stop after the one bark. So…you would not be getting two yappy dogs! Rosie and Rudy are even off the leash trained! You couldn’t ask for a better team! 

contact 469-288-2954 for immediate information and ask for Johnnie or respond to pass@austinpetsalive.org. If you can’t help these two pups, PLEASE repost!!