Mother's Day? Already?!

So… I have a confession. Austin’s flash flooding has had me obsessively checking the weather and I can’t help but to be excited that summer’s around the corner. Mother’s Day just slipped my mind this year. If you’re anything like me you’re scrambling for last minute plans. Don’t worry though! We have the perfect solution.

This year, give the dog mom in your life a gift that’s better than flowers. Treat the lady who balances work, life, and park time to a clean dog and let her know how much you (and your furry family member) appreciate her.

After that, take her to one of the many Mother’s Day events our city has to offer!

Dog friendly:

Other stuff:

And if none of those will do, don’t forget we also sell e-gift cards. One click and you’re done!

While I’m running through Whole Foods at the last minute for a bouquet of flowers and a Mother’s Day card, you’ll be giving mom the gift of a clean pup! Then they can just cuddle on the couch for the rest of the day—which is probably what she really wants anyway!

Top Ten Reasons to Adopt An Older Dog

  1. Love and Loyalty!
    Chances are good that by adopting an older dog, you have rescued a wonderful, loving canine from an untimely, unfortunate and unwarranted death. An older dog can sense that he or she was saved and will be eternally loyal to his or her new “forever” family.
  2. Ease Of Transition
    Older dogs are mellow, relaxed and ready for a new home. They are past the puppy chewing and destruction stage and usually come with basic training.
  3.  No Huge Lifestyle Change
    You don't need to worry about puppy proofing your house and constant training. And older dogs let you get a good night's sleep!
  4. Stress Relief
    Studies have shown that animal companions can decrease blood pressure levels and reduce stress. Older dogs enjoy leisurely walks, which will encourage you to exercise for even a few minutes on your busiest days.
  5.  No Surprises
    Unlike puppies, older dogs are full grown and their personalities are completely developed. When you meet with your dog, you will know what kind of wonderful, loving canine he or she is and will always be.
  6. Doggie Wisdom
    Older canines have learned many of life's lessons. They know, for example, that shoes are for walking and bones are for chewing.
  7. Calmness
    Most senior dogs do not demand the time and attention that a younger dog does and are satisfied with casual walks and cuddling.
  8. Old Dog, New Tricks
    Older dogs can focus well because they've mellowed.
  9. Companionship For All
    Senior dogs make wonderful companions for everyone, especially senior people and busy professionals.
  10. Save A Life
    Senior dogs are often the first to be euthanized in area shelters. Passed over for cute and cuddly puppies, they often have little chance to be adopted.

Adapted from the Senior Dogs Project site.  To learn more about the pleasures of older dog adoption, please visit the Senior Dogs Project.

How to Socialize Your Dog

Socialization is the process of exposing dogs to new environments and situations. It helps them to feel more comfortable when encountering new things, animals, people and experiences. It is important to socialize your dog so you can share the best quality of life together. Dogs are the most receptive between three to twelve weeks old to new experiences, but there are several ways to socialize them no matter their age.

Walk your dog daily or as frequently as possible. Dog walks are great opportunities for your four-legged friend to see and possibly meet other dogs and people.  It is a great way to practice proper behavior when and train them on new situations. Walking your dog on a regular basis will also allow them to work out their energy to make them calmer and more submissive.

Don’t pull back on the leash or yell at your dog if they bark or increase the excitement level while making your dog associate the experience in a negative way. Maintain a calm-assertive energy with a quick tug of the leash sideways, or touch. 

Caring For Your Best Friend's Feet

Written by Amber Kingsley

A friend of mine, a veteran of the military, shared this mantra with me, “Take care of your feet, because your feet take you everywhere.” I always remembered that fact and for us humans, it can often be associated with many types of medical issues, particularly those that are connected with a number of conditions like diabetes and circulation problems, since our lower extremities are the furthest from both our hearts and brains.

In another chapter from my personal adventures associated with my beloved canine companions, during the dog days of summer, in the quiet suburb neighborhood where I live, I always walk my dog with bare feet during the hotter months. Although my neighbors tease me about this  relentlessly, my mind tells me that, if the sidewalk or asphalt is too hot for MY FEET, it must most certainly torture my dog’s sensitive little paws. Anyone who has ran quickly across a hot beach with no shoes can certainly relate to this circumstance. OUCH!

The same is true for our pets, especially dogs, whose paws propel them everywhere in life. Taking care of these delicate extremities is vitally important for their mobility, health and overall welfare. When they have issues with these tissues, sometimes they can chew, lick and irritate these sensitive areas, which only makes the matter worse. Here’s some ways to watch and protect the paws of our beloved four-legged pets:

Paws Don’t Come With A Preventative Care Manual

Although there’s no such thing as “perfect” when it comes to preventative care, there are some steps that we can take to help our pets with better paw protection:

  • Trimming their nails is a daunting task at best, but taking some preventative measures when you’re a DYI kind of pet owner is essential. Consider taking some of these steps to prevent excessive bleeding from cutting too close to the quick.
  • Check your dog’s footsies regularly for signs of irregular abuse, cracking, peeling, redness, swollen areas and other areas of possible irritation and infection. Consult your veterinarian if these problems look serious or you see limping and excessive licking, chewing or favoritism, which can complicate matters.
  • Some dogs that have anxiety problems, or they are particularly stressed for some
    reason, others are aging with arthritis and other muscular conditions can be more prone to issues with their legs and paws. Again, see your veterinarian for solutions and relief that go beyond the “cone of shame.”
  • In extreme climate conditions, both hot and cold, pet owners should resort to protective devices such as booties, to protect their pets from unnecessary harm from the elements.
  • Younger dogs that are more fast moving and are therefore particularly vulnerable to paw injury and abuse, especially on rough surfaces. They should be monitored more closely and watched for signs of increased wear-and-tear that can occur with higher incidences with these more active individuals.
  • There’s another idiom for the care of feet and delicate paws that that goes along with our human endeavors that goes, “Take care of your feet because they’ll carry you for life.” Extend the years you spend with your pet by ensuring their paws, legs, heart and soul, will be with you for life. Both yours and theirs.


Furminator Low- Shed Treatment

While nothing can completely eliminate shedding on your dog, there are things you can do to cut down on it significantly. We offer a specially formulated shampoo & conditioner that "release the undercoat" during the bath. We also have all the tools that will grab any additional loose coat after your dog is completely dry. 

Furminator promotes healthy skin and coat.
-The shampoo is enriched with Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids, Calendula Extract and Papaya Leaf Extract.  This proprietary blend of ingredients helps reduce excess loose hair from shedding by releasing the undercoat during the bath

-The conditioner helps reduce excess loose hair from shedding by releasing the undercoat during the bath and is enriched with Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids, Chamomile Extract and Aloe Vera.  This proprietary blend of ingredients conditions the coat and releases the undercoat during the bath to help protect against excessive shedding.                                                    

June's Prices/discounts:

Self-serve: 20% off the regular price of $13-$34 

Self-serve MVP: 50% off the regular price

(includes bath, special shampoo and use of furminator tool)

Full-serve grooming: $4 off

Full-serve MVP: $8 off

(please mention special when making your grooming appointment!)

*note: this does NOT stop your dog from shedding, just removes the coat that is currently loose) so we recommend that this is something that is done on a regular basis--monthly during most of the year. For extra-super-hairy-shedding dogs, it may need to be done once a week while they're blowing their coat (usually twice a year)!