With a little love and a little patience–Meet Kazi!  So while cleaning out my desk recently, I found this first set of photos of Kazi taken six years ago (by a UT student photographer, Kazi’s owner is holding her).  I realized that our friend, Nicole Mlakar, had also just sent me some photos she took about six months ago (second set of photos, being bathed by our groomer, Randi).  It’s totally RANDOM that I have two sets of pictures of this dog.

I starting thinking about this dog and how Kazi is a perfect example of what I’m always trying to explain to nervous dog owners: even if your dog doesn’t “love it”, as long as you’re not hurting your dog, if you persist with a calm energy, you can help your dog at least tolerate the necessity of bath time.  It’s taken consistant grooming appointments and some pretty amazing groomers, but you can see the change!

Now, understand, Kazi is also the perfect example of “All bark, no bite”–there has never once, been a time when she’s tried to bite any of us….she just SCREAMED like someone was dying.  To say she didn’t like to have her nails trimmed is a complete understatement.  She’s a Shiba Inu and it’s a very common trait.

So, now look at the recent photos–she’s sitting pretty and even smiling for one of the photos!  She still makes some sqeeky noises, but NOTHING like she did 6 years ago.  We love Kazi!