Hi there!

In the summer of 2014, we added a much requested service for our customers-- daycare & boarding. As part of our mission to "help people take care of their dogs", we figured it only made sense to provide a safe and fun place for them to hang out while their humans were busy! We call it "boutique boarding" and here's why:

According to a luxury travel website, a boutique hotel has the following characteristics:

A boutique hotel is intimate in size 

We only have 19 kennels and only allow 10 dogs in a play group. This enables us to keep a closer eye on the dogs and keeps the chaos to a minimum!

A boutique hotel has a contemporary vibe & spirited guests to match

We wanted to create a space that felt both comfortable and welcoming. Because of our small size, we are also able to provide services to dogs who aren't necessarily fans of big groups (or groups of any size). We have the time and space to give them the individual attention that they require.

A boutique hotel usually has a bull's-eye urban setting

We are conveniently located in the beautiful neighborhood right off of Mopac and 183. 

A boutique hotel offers ultra-personal service 

Again, because we limit the number of dogs at any given time, we are able to offer extra services like nature walks, one-on-one play time and even extra snuggles at bedtime!


We are so excited to offer this service to our furry friends and hope to see you soon!


The Dirty Dog Crew