Photo booth fun!

once upon a time....

only kidding! the idea for this crazy place came from Sam and Ollie (we'll get back to them in a minute). The two of us, Blair and Alesha, moved to Austin the summer of 2003. We grew up in Dallas and have been best friends for 30+ years. We moved here on a whim. At the time, we were living in Phoenix, found ourselves both single at the same time, and wanted somewhere cooler (temp) and cooler (more fun) to live. Anyway, we picked Austin because it's the greatest place on earth and because it's closer to our families.

So happily living in Austin, we realized that we needed jobs. That's when Sam and Ollie came to our aid. Sam and Ollie were Blair's two long-haired dogs (or children, if you will). They needed baths and short summer hair dos. We are pretty handy chicks and Blair thought, "I can do this!" and headed off to buy a pair of clippers. However, the ones they bought were no match for Ollie's chow-mix coat. Off the cuff she said, "I wish I knew a groomer! I'd pay them to let me use their equipment!" To which Alesha said, "You know what? I think that's a great idea....."

Six months later we opened the doors to our first shop.


our kids