We give you all the tools to make your dog sparkle (or at least smell great)! It allows you to have a hands-on experience with your dog and leave the mess to us. You won't have to clean the bathroom ceiling or play a game of chase around the yard, hose in hand. All you need to bring is the dog. OH, and it's dirt cheap!

how this works

Each bath includes



ear wash



nail clippers                                         



 forced air dryers

warm water

tubs that are at waist-level--no more bending over and achy back! 

stairs to help big dogs in and out of the tub                                            


Bath Only

Extra small (under 10 lbs)- $10

Small (10-30 lbs)- $16

Medium (31-70 lbs)- $18

Large (70+ lbs)- $20

Furminator Rental

Extra small (under 10 lbs)- Use of Tool only $5, Furminator Tool, Shampoo and DeShed Solution $17

Small (10-30 lbs)- Use of Tool only $8, Furminator Tool, Shampoo and DeShed Solution $26

Medium (31-70 lbs)- Use of Tool only $10, Furminator Tool, Shampoo and DeShed Solution $31

Large (70+lbs)- Use of Tool only $12, Furminator Tool, Shampoo and DeShed Solution $36

note: price includes bath with FURminator shampoo & conditioner that help reduce excess loose hair from shedding by releasing the undercoat during the bath. The price also includes the use of a FURminator tool that helps remove loose undercoat. Done regularly, shedding can be reduced by up to 90%!

Clipper Rental

Extra small (under 10 lbs)- $23

Small (10-30 lbs)- $28

Medium (31-70 lbs) $38

Large (70+ lbs)- $46

note: clipper rental prices include bath & clipper rental. To use our blades and clippers you MUST wash your dog in the shop BEFORE you shave. If you prefer to clip your dog WITHOUT bathing first, you may bring your own blade and use our clippers and supplies. The cost is $16 (again, bath is not included. Call for more information)

Grooming Table Rental

$11- bring all your own supplies and leave the mess here!

A La Carte Services & products

Nail trim- $16

Nail Trim & File- $22

Teeth Brushing- $10

Specialty Shampoo- $2.50 (oatmeal, flea & tick, whitening)

Blueberry Facial- $3   Give pets a pampering spa treatment with this luxurious line of all-natural skin and coat care products. Mild, foaming SPA™ Fresh Facial Scrub facial cleaner exfoliates, soothes, and hydrates.

  • Formulated with the finest botanicals and plant extracts

  • Therapeutic and beauty-enhancing grooming experience

  • Safe for puppies and kittens over 6 weeks old

  • Contains oatmeal and blueberry to remove tear stains without stinging eyes

Deep Conditioner/Mud Bath- $10

For the ultimate spa experience.  Removes impurities, exfoliates skin and coat, adds shine and gloss to coat                                      deep conditions, rehydrates, and rebuilds the coat                                                                                                                                


Do I need to make an appointment for self-serve baths/clipping?                                                                                                      Nope! Just come on in during store hours and we'll help you get set up!

Do I need to bring anything with me?                                                                                                                                                      We provide you with every thing you need to get your pup squeaky clean on the way home from the park or lake!  However, if you have a shampoo or brush you prefer, feel free to bring it along (does not affect price).

Can you wash my dog for me?                                                                                                                                                          Absolutely! We also offer full service grooming. However, this is generally by appointment only. Feel free to check and see if we have any same day or walk in appointments but if we don't, we'll set you up for the next available appointment.                                          

More information here: Full Serve Grooming