How to Potty Train Your Dog Using Pee Pads

    Potty training your dog is one of the most difficult yet most important things to train your dog for. This is the first thing you need to teach your dog the second you get home so that your dog doesn’t get used to peeing on your floors.

     For the first few months that you have your dog, limit the space that your dog has to roam when unsupervised. Your dog needs limited space like a crate or small playpen so your dog learns to hold in their business until it is time to go. If your dog has an unlimited amount of space to roam, they will be able to go about their business in any corner or space of the house and feel like they do not need to hold in their business. In your dog’s limited space place a pee pad. Your dog will learn to pee and poop on the pee pad when they really need to go.

     The most important things when potty training are: consistency and rewards. You must be consistent and insistent with your dog when potty training. Always place clean pee pads around the house and praise and treat your dog each time your dog does their business on their pee pad. If your dog goes on the floor or elsewhere pick up your dog and place your dog on the pee pad and remind your dog to pee on the pad. Be consistent and use positive reinforcement. Do not use negative reinforcement like shouting or hitting. That will only make the dog want to conceal their pee or hide when they go to the bathroom. Be consistent with their feeding schedule as well. Feed your dog food and water 4 times a day so that their potty schedule is predictable and regular.

This is just one of the many ways to teach your dog how to use the pee pad. Just be consistent and positive and always clean up any accidents in the house. 

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