The Best Dog Breeds for Your Personality

By: Amber Kingsley

There’s a reason that they say dogs are man’s best friends (or women’s, for that matter). Dogs exhibit an incredible range of different personalities, just like human beings. That being the case, there are definitely dog breeds that match up with certain people better than others. Can you imagine Paris Hilton with a pitbull instead of a pomeranian? No? Neither can we.


What kind of dog should you purchase if you’re trying to find a truly compatible companion? Well, it depends. Are you playful or serious? Surly or stylish? All of these are going to have a certain bearing on the right kind of dog for you. To help you make your decision, we’ve put together a quick list of different dogs for different people. Take a look through our suggestions, and see if it helps you narrow down your search for the ideal furry friend.

Pit Bulls: not just for tough guys

We might have been a bit unfair to pit bulls earlier with that Paris Hilton jibe. While it’s true that these animals have developed a bit of a rough reputation, there are plenty of people who maintain that they’re not as dangerous as many people think. Actually, pits tend to be prized more for their loyalty and energy than for their aggression, and the American Pit Bull Foundation posits that incidents involving pit bulls speak more to the characters of their owners than those of the dogs themselves. While it’s true that pits make tough and stalwart companions for bikers and other folks with thick skins, they’re also wonderfully dedicated companions for adventurous couples and new families with energetic children.

Terriers: excellent sidekicks for urban professionals

If you don’t necessarily have the time to take a larger dog out to the park every other day, you might want to opt for a smaller and more manageable breed. Norwich Terriers, for example, make playful and intelligent pets that are also apartment friendly and fairly easy to groom. Better yet, they can get by without too much exercise, meaning that you won’t have to feel guilty for leaving them at home while you’re out at work. Of course, every dog needs to be taken outside regularly, but terriers are much easier to fit into a busy schedule than many other breeds.

Beagles: a wonderful kid friendly starter dog

Maybe you’re less interested in a dog whose personality you can match, and more interested in a dog who can match whatever circumstances you place it in. If that’s the case, you’ll want to look at beagles, who are well known for their friendliness and adaptability. Beagles find ways to thrive in a variety of different environments, making them flexible companions and particularly good dogs for children (let’s be honest—no one is less predictable than a child). If you’re not sure about the right breed for you or the people you love, a beagle is a safe bet.

Keep in mind: every dog is still a dog

No matter what kind of dog you choose, remember that they all have certain needs: they should be well fed, well rested and clean at all times. Take good care of your doggie, and you’ll find the relationship rewarding—whether it’s large or small, loud or quiet, a lover, a fighter, or both.