best laid plans....

I, along with most of the world, view January 1st as a chance for a fresh start.  You see, I have pretty severe ADD and if I don’t have a good list/plan for each aspect of my life, things go downhill pretty quickly.  And then just snowball.  So for the last month or so, I’ve been sitting in an avalanche.

In an effort to regain control of my life, I re-visited a site I had heard of years ago: It’s basic purpose is to break down your chores into easy-to-do, not overwhelming, pieces which I’m hoping will work for me.  Yesterday I spent the day getting tools together (daily lists, cleaning supplies, etc) with the intention of starting this morning on my new “routine”.  And this is when the Universe laughed at me…

This summer I bought a “fly trap” to hang in the backyard at Home Depot.  It’s this bag that is filled with dried rotted material that you add water to and it attracts flies.  And let me tell you, it is the most DISGUSTING smell, but it really works. It’s way in the back of the yard away from the house and I completely forgot about it.

Also, if I’m home, I’ll leave the sliding door open so that the dogs can go in and out at will.  I say this is for them, but it’s really so that I don’t spend my entire day letting them in and out.  I’m sure you’ll see where this is going….

I come out of my room about an hour ago to be literally SLAPPED in the face by a smell that was indescribable and saw one of the dogs rubbing his face and body all over one of the couches {thankfully a couch that was slated to go into the garage since I got the treadmill}.  It took me about 30 seconds to figure out what was going on….the dogs, while chasing a squirrel up a tree, had managed to knock the flytrap to the ground and two of the six dogs (I’m sitting Nigel) decided it would be fun to roll in it and come on inside. I spent the next 10 minutes gagging, shooing dogs outside, yelling at my brother (it was HIS dog that was on the couch), moving the couch outside and frantically spraying Febreeze.

I guess I’ll go back to that “to-do” list and add “clean carpets”, ‘cause it was kind of a short list anyway….