First day of SPRING (cleaning)!

Have you spent the beginning of 2019 “Tidying Up” your house? If so, have you tackled your pet supplies yet?

Follow Marie Kondo’s advice and first gather all your pet toys & supplies together.  Look at what you have all at once. Now, you’ll be ready to clean, donate, and purge!



  • Get rid of any toys that are falling apart. Look for choking hazards and throw things away to protect your loved one(s).

  • You should also throw away any toys that have seen better days. Sun-bleached or chewed up toys have done their duty. You can “thank” them and put them in the trash.

  • Anything that still stinks or looks awful after you try to clean it should also be put in the garbage bin.


  • Hard toys/plastic toys can be scrubbed with dishwashing soap and hot water. You can also run them through the dishwasher without detergent for extra germ killing. (note: make sure you don’t have any dishes in that load!)

  • Rope toys can also be run through the dishwasher or microwaved for a minute to kill germs.

  • Stuffed animals can be thrown in your washing machine and dryer. If they don’t last through a machine cycle, they should be tossed for safety!

  • Natural toys like rawhides cannot be cleaned, so be sure to supervise the use of them and toss them when they’ve been used.

Give Away:

  • If you’ve bought a toy that never gets used, consider passing it along to another dog!

  • Bring new or gently used dog toys to any Dirty Dog from March 22-28 and receive 10% off all services. All toys will be donated to Austin Pets Alive to help relieve the stress and boredom that can affect shelter dogs and their ability to find their very own forever home.