Mother's Day? Already?!

So… I have a confession. Austin’s flash flooding has had me obsessively checking the weather and I can’t help but to be excited that summer’s around the corner. Mother’s Day just slipped my mind this year. If you’re anything like me you’re scrambling for last minute plans. Don’t worry though! We have the perfect solution.

This year, give the dog mom in your life a gift that’s better than flowers. Treat the lady who balances work, life, and park time to a clean dog and let her know how much you (and your furry family member) appreciate her.

After that, take her to one of the many Mother’s Day events our city has to offer!

Dog friendly:

Other stuff:

And if none of those will do, don’t forget we also sell e-gift cards. One click and you’re done!

While I’m running through Whole Foods at the last minute for a bouquet of flowers and a Mother’s Day card, you’ll be giving mom the gift of a clean pup! Then they can just cuddle on the couch for the rest of the day—which is probably what she really wants anyway!